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We arrived at San Antonio Zambales at 11pm, we want to try Canoe resort but sadly, no rooms are available because it is Peak season (Good friday). There was rooms for rent outside Canoe but its overpriced! We walked around and find the gem in Pundaquit.

Good location
Very Affordable (Php 3,000) for 6 persons ROOM Q 3rd floor
Very hospitable. They accomodate us in wee hours of the night plus because the room is for 6 and we are a group of 10. Mama tess (the owner) offered the staff room. She is really very kind.
Good amenities for its price (Adult and kids pool, videoke, boat rentals)
Cooking charge Php 500 (whole day)
Aircon is working well
Good view at the view deck.


Please note that the above review(s) was/were taken from ” Trip Advisor ” & written by guests of Wild Rose Beach Inn who were at this resort on different occasions & dates .

Added attraction :

Summer 2015 here in the Philippines for sure is being thought off after this holiday season (Christmas & New Year’s celebration).where to spend it? What about enjoying it in WOW Pundaquit & areas in San Antonio , Zambales?

Affordable & very competitive Package deals for day tours is here to start soon in a place that will be called Wild Rose Campground of San Antonio. located in San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales . Much more cheaper if you to bring your own tents & picnic gears for the whole family to enjoy a FUN DAY by the sea for it’s a beach front. Most affordable place to enjoy summer 2014. FREE PARKING. Guaranteed you’ll like & enjoy the place.

For extra added fun , bring a surf board for the waves are good for surfing in this location for such activity too. Others can just relax & have a nice & quiet place for sun tanning on the shore.

Email Tessie for more info. at or call Tessie at : 0910 6615613 or at 0929 5187012 or at PLDT Manila line at 881-4499 or 881-4514

Thank you !!

Thank you & Sorry

Thank you so much for all kinds of feedback (positive & negative alike) we got from those who have been at Wild Rose Beach Inn. Thanks much for those who took the time to put those feedback online.Thanks for  those who personally expressed to us their very positive feedback that over weights negative feedback online. We make use of those negative feedback as our  guidelines to improve/correct our deficiencies if any, on the ways we see fit doing but seems not right for some. We are all human beings but different from one another & prone to make small & big mistakes. The Administrator & staff of Wild Rose Beach Inn like many establishments/businesses around the world always try to serve the consumers/tourist community the best way possible we can . Sorry for those people you knew who  had been “victims of dissatisfaction” while at Wild Rose Beach Inn in the past.

We’ll try our very best to serve the tourists community the best way possible we can but please bare with us, we are humans too making all those mistakes & we didn’t intend to act to victimize anyone as such.

Again your inputs are very much & well appreciated. Thanks & sorry for any inconvenience it had caused anyone.


The rooms on weekends for the summer months( March , April & May) get booked for very fast. Plan for the room(s) you need to check with us on availability of your choosen room(s)to lessen your frustrations booking for your holiday venue as soon as possible. Please note that we do not allow overcrowding in the room. (single sized bed is for one person only, double sized bed is for two only & queen sized bed for three only) for everyone’s safety.